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Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector - Observer-i

Unfortunately, outdoor environmental conditions such as changing wind directions and quick dispersion of gas clouds can often cause traditional gas detection systems to fail simply because the gas never reaches the sensor. By adding Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors (UGLD), leaking gas itself does not have to reach the sensor – just the sound of the gas leaking. This can result in faster response times and lower operation costs. 

The Observer-i UGLD utilizes Gassonic ultrasonic technology to detect high pressure gas leaks by sensing the distinct high frequency ultrasound emitted using robust microphone technology. It features Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology that differentiates real gas leaks from false alarm sources without needing any in-field training. The Observer-i UGLD offers an industry-leading detection range of up to 28 m, thus decreasing the number of detectors needed. It is suitable for use in complex, outdoor pipeline systems. Among its features:

  • Instantly detects pressurized gas leaks at the speed of sound utilizing Gassonic technology
  • ANN technology distinguishes real gas leak noise from background noise, suppressing false alarm sources
  • Does not require in-field training, fully operational after installation
  • Detects gas leaks from 2 BAR (29 psi) pressure for rapid detection of small leaks
  • Patented Senssonic™ self-test ensures full failsafe operation
  • Trouble-free maintenance and one-person check and calibration

Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector - Observer-i

Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector - Observer-i - Picture 4
Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector - Observer-i - Picture 2
Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector - Observer-i - Picture 3

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