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Wireless Strain Gauge Compatible with Any Strain Gauge Sensor

The wireless strain gauge (WSG) transmitter series is designed to turn any manufacturers’ strain gauge-based sensors into wireless systems which can be read using Sensor Technology’s basic range of readouts, displays, and software.

The unit can work with 350 Ω strain gauges and above. Calibration data can be fixed by the user for the equivalent sensor, using Sensor Technology’s basic interface software.

When used with Sensor Technology’s displays and readouts, it creates a versatile and easy to set up system that can be moved between installations if necessary.

The WSG-STM transmitter box contains an internal rechargeable battery or can be driven with 11-32V and also offers the USB connection for the PC. The WSG-STD DIN mounted box can be driven with a standard DIN rail supply 11-32 V.

Key Benefits

  • Well-matched with any brand of strain gauge-based sensor
  • Functions with 350 Ω gauges or above
  • Rechargeable battery-powered for up to 50 hours (WSG-STM)
  • Built to work with Sensor Technology’s typical series of displays and readouts
  • Wireless using 2.4 GHz technology
  • Wall, bench, and DIN rail mountable models

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