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Wireless Strain Gauge-Based Load Sensors

Sensor Technology’s wireless HeliNav LoadMaster Load Sensor is a strain gauge-based stainless steel tension-type sensor. It can wirelessly transmit its data to one of Sensor Technology’s compatible readouts and displays or record its data internally. Its integral 32 MBit memory can contain up to 280 hours of data which can then be transferred to a PC via its USB cable.

The Load Sensor runs in the universal harmonized band of 2.4 GHz using two integral antennas so does not need a license to run and uses cutting-edge technologies to allow data to be transmitted and received mistake free, these include, data whitening and forward error correcting.

The HeliNav LoadMaster Load Sensor also matches with Sensor Technology’s Handheld Receiver which can read numerous devices simultaneously and Sensor Technology’s standalone Receiver Interface which can be used to output the data through RS232/RS422. The display of the Load Sensor can show a simple load value in many formats which are user selectable.

Key Benefits

  • Wireless, so easy to install and remove between helicopters
  • Conveys data up to a distance of 100 m
  • Conveys data at up to 10 times per second
  • FCC Part 15
  • Import data into Excel
  • Available in ranges from 1-50 tons
  • Wireless, so easy to set up and remove between installations
  • Internal memory for up to 280 hours of data
  • Twin ruggedized internal antennas
  • Connect to PC through USB
  • 11 V to 28 V external supply chargeable
  • PC software for customer settings
  • Flexible automatic shutdown to save battery

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