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ARK50-THD Airducer® Ultrasonic Air Transducer for Chemically Harsh Environments

Airmar’s ARK50-THD Airducer® Transducer reliably delivers unparalleled ultrasonic sensing performance with level, flow and distance measurement applications. Its rugged one-piece Kynar PVDF housing makes it suitable for chemically aggressive environments. The ARK50-THD operates at 50 kHz and its sensing range is 30 cm to 15 m. It includes standard internal shielding and 8 mm M3 PCB standoffs. The ARK50-THD's threaded design facilitates installation in various applications, and it can accommodate transceiver and signal processing electronics. 


  • Level measurement
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Flow monitoring 
AIRMAR ARK50-THD Ultrasonic Transducer

Video Credit: AIRMAR Technology Corporation 


  • Rugged one-piece PVDF housing is US FDA compliant
  • Threaded design allows for installation in various applications
  • Standard internal shielding
  • 8 mm M3 PCB standoffs


  • Nut — 2" BSP thread
  • Complete assembly available with standard cable lengths
  • 10 KΩ thermistors for temperature compensation
  • 12 mm extension sleeve
  • Mounting cap available in BSP, NPT or M32 threads


  • Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz.)
  • Peak operating frequency: 50 kHz ± 4%
  • Minimum transmit sensitivity: 105 dB re, 1 µPa/V at 1 m at best transmit frequency
  • Minimum parallel resistance: 350 Ω, ± 30%
  • Minimum receive sensitivity: −170 dB re 1 V/µPa at best receive frequency
  • Beamwidth: 10° ± 2° at −3 dB
  • Minimum and maximum sensing range*: 30 cm to 15 m
  • Typical sensing range: 35 cm to 10 m (14″ to 33')
  • Maximum driving voltage: 1000 Vpp at 2% duty cycle tone burst
  • Housing material: Kynar® 720
  • Free capacitance: 5000 pF ± 20% at 1 kHz
  • Acoustic window: Kynar® 720
  • Operating temperature: −40 to 90 °C (−40 to 194 °F)

*Pulse-Echo Mode. Minimum and maximum ranges are known to be the best-case scenarios. Actual range might differ based on drive circuitry and signal processing.

Acoustical Data

ARK50-THD Airducer® Transducer

Image Credit: AIRMAR Technology Corporation

Dimensional Drawings

ARK50-THD Airducer® Transducer

Image Credit: AIRMAR Technology Corporation

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