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AT75 Airducer® Ultrasonic Air Transducer for Level, Distance and Flow Applications

Airmar's ultrasonic AT75 Airducer® Transducer reliably delivers non-contact level, flow and distance measurement. It operates at 75 kHz and its sensing range is 20 cm to 10 m. The AT75 is available as an AR model with threaded cap. The AT75 Airducer® Transducer includes rugged sealed construction, and PVDF housing is available for more chemically aggressive environments.


  • Open channel flow
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Proximity
  • Robotics
  • Level measurement


  • Installation in various applications enabled by cylindrical design
  • Rugged sealed construction


  • 10 KΩ thermistor available for temperature compensation
  • Available in PVDF housing for use in chemically aggressive environments
  • AR style with threaded cap available


  • Peak operating frequency: 75 kHz ± 4%
  • Typical sensing range: 25 cm to 7 m (10″ to 23′)
  • Minimum parallel resistance: 170 Ω, ±30%
  • Minimum transmit sensitivity: 111 dB re, 1 µPa/V at 1 m at best transmit frequency
  • Minimum and maximum sensing range*: 20 cm to 10 m
  • Minimum receive sensitivity: −162 dB re 1 V/µPa at best receive frequency
  • Weight: 45 g (1.6 oz.)
  • Free capacitance: 1850 pF ± 20% at 1 kHz
  • Operating temperature: −40 °C to 90 °C (−40 °F to 194 °F)
  • Acoustic window: glass-reinforced epoxy
  • Beamwidth: 15° ± 2° at −3 dB
  • Housing material: Glass-filled polyester
  • Maximum driving voltage: 1000 Vpp at 2% duty cycle tone burst

*Pulse-Echo Mode: The best-case situations are the minimum and maximum ranges. Depending on the driving circuitry and signal processing, the actual range may vary.

Acoustical Data

AT75 Airducer® Transducer

Image Credit: AIRMAR Technology Corporation

Dimensional Drawings

AT75 Airducer® Transducer

Image Credit: AIRMAR Technology Corporation

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