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HATPRO Microwave Radiometer from Radiometer Physics GmbH

The HATPRO instrument is a stand-alone system for automated weather-station use under nearly all environmental conditions. Full atmospheric profiles are derived, retrieved data as well as raw data are stored. A variety of retrieval algorithms (custom designed or global standard algorithms) can be selected.

  • Optical resolution: 3.5° (2.5° HPBW at 22 (51) GHz
  • Radiometric resolution: 0.3 – 0.4 K RMS at 1.0 s integration time
  • High repetition rate: filter bank receiver produces one atmospheric profile per second
  • Absolut system stability: 1.0 K
  • Receiver and antenna thermal stabilization: < 0.02 K
  • Environmental temperature range for operation: –60 °C to +45 °C
  • Automatic rain-mitigation system: hydrophobic coating and strong blower for rain, heater module with 1.8 kW preventing formation of dew and fog condensation on radome
  • Integrated PC on-board

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