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LWP-90-DP150 Microwave Radiometer from Radiometer Physics GmbH

The LWP-90-DP150 instrument is a stand-alone system for automated weather-station use under nearly all environmental conditions. The total (integrated) amount liquid water in the vertical column above the radiometer is retrieved from the two-channel brightness temperature mesurements. There is only very limited information on water vapor (humidity) due to the lack of an water vapor line frequency.

  • Optical resolution: 2.0°nbsp;HPBW at 90 and 150 GHz (same field of view)
  • Radiometric resolution: 0.2 K RMS at 1.0 s integration time
  • Absolut system stability: < 1.0 K
  • Receiver and antenna thermal stabilization: < 0.02 K
  • Environmental temperature range for operation: -30 °C to +45 °C
  • Automatic rain-detection system (including a dew-blower)
  • Integrated PC on-board
  • GPS clock
  • Additional external meteorological sensors: barometric pressure, humidity, temperature
  • Stand alone operation
  • Data storage and backup on-board, power-failure safe-guard

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