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Dual Polarisation rain Radiometer (DP-RR) from Radiometer Physics GmbH

The RPG DP-RR instrument is a stand-alone system for automated weather-station use under nearly all environmental conditions.

With orthogonal polarisation information and brightness temperatures at 6, 10, 19, and 36 GHz this instrument is dedicated to the observation of raining clouds. Polarization effects on non-spherical hydrometeors can be observed with this kind of instrument.

  • Radiometric resolution: 0.2 K RMS at 1.0 s integration time
  • Absolut system stability: < 1.0 K
  • Environmental temperature range for operation: –30 °C to +45 °C
  • Integrated PC on-board
  • Stand alone operation
  • Data storage and backup on-board, power-failure safe-guard
  • Low maintenance (3 months intervall for absolute calibration using LN)

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