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Liquid Water Path 90 GHz Upgrade Radiometer from Radiometer Physics GmbH

This LWP-U90 radiometer is an upgraded version of the above LWP two-channel radiometer. By including a high frequency channel at 90 GHz the sensitivity to thin cloud (small LWP) is significantly improved: Instead of approximately 30 g/m^2 the three channel version has a detection limit of 5 to 10 g/m^2. The three channel version is using the same housing as the standard LWP radiometer. The instrument is a stand-alone system for automated weather-station use under nearly all environmental conditions.

The total (integrated) amounts of water vapor and liquid water in the vertical column above the radiometer are retrieved from the two-channel brightness temperature mesurements.
A variety of retrieval algorithms (custom designed or global standard algorithms) can be selected.

  • Optical resolution: 3.5° HPBW at 23.8 GHz
  • Radiometric resolution: 0.2 K RMS at 1.0 s integration time
  • Absolut system stability: <1.0 K
  • Receiver and antenna thermal stabilization: < 0.02 K
  • Environmental temperature range for operation: -30 °C to +45 °C
  • Automatic rain-detection system (including a dew-blower)
  • Integrated PC on-board
  • Full internal retrieval algorithm, retrieval data and raw data output
  • GPS clock
  • Additional external meteorological sensors: barometric pressure, humidity, temperature

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