SEW-Eurodrive Launches Vibration Analysis Sensors for Gear Maintenance

SEW-Eurodrive  has released an improved series of sensing devices for vibration evaluation known as DUV30A.

The DUV30A has substituted SEW-Eurodrive’s DUV10A sensing system by virtue of its stable velocity with rapid analysis rates, which permit the measurements of vigorous gear-unit exercises. The gear-unit measuring system allows prior identification of the damage and wear, facilitating the supervisor to program the repairing of the gear-units.

DUV30A Vibration Analysis Sensors

Darren Klonowski, sales and product manager, SEW-Eurodrive stated that, the improved vibration analysis sensor enables the early determination of the gear and roller bearing damage or wear.

The unique DUV30A is placed in a compressed body and tightly positioned in a gear-unit, exerts high frequency FFT (HFFT) harmonic signal evaluation and fast Fourier transform (FFT) for recording bearing and gear-unit vibration and condition.

The specialized vibration analysis devices are fabricated with an examination and an in-field parameter arrangement of the RS232 port apart from a secondary I/O port which can support the alarm output and speed input connections to the monitoring PLCs.

Klonowski commented that the peculiar vibration sensors can be assembled in such a way that the pre-conditioned vibration alarm warns the supervisors immediately about the damaged bearing or gear-units and the warning system can be detected through a supervisory PLC, SCADA, HMI or a PC.

The user-friendly DUV-S software package incorporated with the DUV30A sensor is essential for the measurement and configuration of the sensor and it also enables complete selection of the performance and analytical information. Importantly, the DUV-S software is downward-compatible with both the DUV10A and the DUV30A sensors. The LED indicator installed in the DUV30A aids in the precise system analysis, enabling rapid maintenance of the internal gear units.


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