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AKCP Launches RopeFuel Sensor for Fuel Monitoring

AKCP Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of SNMP oriented security and environmental monitoring equipments, declares the release of its novel ropeFuel Sensor featuring a sensing rope which permits the detection of different types of fuel upon contiguity with the rope surface.

These sensors can be laid in close proximity with the fuel leakage areas such as fuel storage tanks, generator fuel tanks or fuel transfer units. This ropeFuel sensor system is vital for disaster thwarting projects and the monitoring rope in the system permits the identification of hydrocarbon fuels in the liquid state such as diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel or Xylene, at any location along its entire length.

The advanced ropeFuel Sensor can monitor the particular position of the fuels upon touching any area of the sensing rope. The rope is fabricated with several sensing points at one foot or one meter distance apart and the length of the rope can be modified. A single rope has the capability to locate sensing points to a maximum of 165 feet. The RJ-45 sensorProbe and the AKCP securityProbe aid in the automatic identification of the status of the sensor. The LED module in the sensor gets stimulated upon liquid detection and it also furnishes information during any damage or repair.

Once the leakage is detected, the alert system informs it by means of an SMS, SNMP traps, e-mails and phone calls. The SNMP OID in the sensor permits the network data collection utilizing the System Network management.

The AKCP sensor is available as an entire assembly containing the non-sensing area cable, fuel sensing rope and the vital sensing unit. The sensing module has to be linked to the base unit or the 5E securityProbe or sensorProbe by means of the CAT5 LAN cable.


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