ZOLL Medical Corporation to Use ADI’s iMEMS Accelerometer in PocketCPR Device

Analog Devices Inc (ADI) has revealed that its iMEMS technology is to be used by ZOLL Medical Corporation, to facilitate a new device called PocketCPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) device. This device being very small is meant to measure the depth and the rate of the chest compressions given by rescuers.

It uses an ADI digital iMEMS accelerometer, to calculate and convert the movements of the PocketCPR, into measurement data, which gives the precise readings of the compressions, which will assist the rescuers to modulate their force and frequency of the chest compressions, as suggested by the AHA (American Heart Association).

iMEMS accelerometer in PocketCPR

Statistics from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association reveal that cardiac arrest takes a toll of more that 300,000 lives in U.S. every year. The PocketCPR tutors a rescuer, with the help of both audio and video presentations, to commence with the first aid that needs to be given for revitalizing a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. The steps cover a multitude of instructions, recommended by the AHA, such as calling for assistance, examining how responsive the patient is, and inducing CPR.

According to Mark Totman, President of Bio-Detek, a subsidiary company of ZOLL that pioneered and makes the PocketCPR, working along with ADI’s engineers helped them turn their dreams into reality, by creating a commercial, compact and low-cost CPR device. He further disclosed that lack of training or confidence, is a big deterrent, for a number of people, against performing CPR in an emergency, which could be eliminated, by the use of the PocketCPR.

This product has received the green signal , from the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration), to be used as a ready-made device for rescue. It instructs the rescue worker to reach a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches as per AHA and ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) Standards, and if it is lesser than 1.5 inches to push harder. If the correct depth compressions are administered, the PocketCPR reacts with a ‘good compression’ tag. It has a metronome, to assist the user in attaining the correct compression rate.

ADI’s Vice President (Healthcare Group), Patrick O’Doherty divulged that, the AHA evaluated that the survival rate from cardiac arrest, for a person dives down by 10% for every single minute, without the heart regaining its normal rhythm. Thus ADI through the PocketCPR, and its other revolutionary products and solutions, is helping save lives.

ZOLL Medical Corporation helps in both the development and marketing of hi-tech medical equipments, in the emergency care segment, with products such as fluid resuscitation, data management, circulation and CPR feedback etc.

Source: http://www.analog.com

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