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Finesse Launches Beta Testing of Single-Use Bioreactor Vessel with Single-Use Sensors

Finesse Solutions, Inc, Santa Clara, CA, a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the launch of beta testing of SmartVessel™, a single-use 3 liter bioreactor vessel with integrated single-use sensors for cell culture applications of mammalian cells, stem cells, insect cells, and plant cells.

This stirred tank single-use bioreactor allows working volumes from 0.5L to 2.2L and is supplied as a completely preassembled and presterilized unit that is immediately ready to use. It eliminates the need for labor-intensive steps such as autoclaving or installation of probes, minimizing the time needed for process setup.

The SmartVessel leverages the same integrated SmartPuck sensor technology for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature measurement as the SmartRocker. All wetted materials of the SmartVessel are USP class VI compliant. The SmartVessel also utilizes the same impeller configuration and agitator motor as the Finesse SmartGlass vessels and has been designed to provide almost identical performance in mixing, kLa, and thermal control, but with the efficiency and flexibility of single-use systems. It is both interchangeable with and comparable to in performance with the SmartGlass and readily interchangeable with the SmartRocker when used with the G3lab Universal Controller.

"SmartVessels represent the continued commitment of Finesse to bringing single-use solutions into the lab scale cell-culture market. Along with our SmartRocker and TruFluor pH/DO sensors, the SmartVessel will minimize end user labor in bioreactor cleaning and setup, and maintain fidelity of control. We anticipate that the SmartVessel will provide a unique, complete solution for process development and optimization, as well as production of seed cultures and cell banks," stated Finesse Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Dr. Mark Selker.


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