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Thermal Engineering Associates Launches TMM-100 Temperature Measurement Instrument

Thermal Engineering Associates introduces a new temperature measurement instrument, called the TMM-100, for thermal evaluation and testing applications. The self contained TMM-100 module accepts diode, thermocouple and thermistor temperature sensors.

The USB-connected instrument is supplied with Windows™ 7, 8 & 10 compatible software that provides for sensor measurement on a cyclic basis and for data logging of all measured values.  LabVIEW™ Virtual Instrument (VI) drivers are available as an extra cost option for users that wish to incorporate the TMM-100 into an application-specific measurement environment.

The TMM-100 has 8 channels for measuring diode voltage used in temperature measurements.  These channels have precise 1.0mA current sources, isolated from each other.  It also has two integrated Type-T thermocouple measurement circuits and two 10K Ohm NTC thermistor measurement circuits.  The thermistor channels have 100uA current sources.  For making accurate differential voltage measurements, the TMM-100 diode readings have 1mv resolution and both the thermocouple and thermistor have 0.1 degree C resolution.

Finally, with the LabVIEW™ VI option, users can create control software to allow multipleTMM-100 units to collect data simultaneously on as many sensor channels as needed.


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