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Cypress Releases Auto-Tuning Noise-Immune Device for Touch Sensing

Cypress Semiconductor Corp., a pioneer in providing touch-sensing solutions, declared the release of an innovative and effective touch- sensing solution known as CapSense® which permits the fabricators to accomplish mechanical button replacement (MBR) even without firmware writing or knowledge of utilization of novel software systems.

The unique CapSense Express™ device supports the radical SmartSense™ self-tuning algorithm by Cypress, which eradicates the necessity of system tuning. The additional toolbox equipped with the device furnishes complete resources supporting optimum interface operation, and the improved debug facility in the system permits the clients to utilize the designs instantly for production which reduces the marketing time. The device supplies rugged  touch- sensing with extreme low power utilization which prolongs the durability of the battery in numerous handheld materials and is suitable for communication, white goods, consumer, industrial lighting and medical purposes.

The hardware-assembled CapSense Express controller, CY8CMBR2044, operates in voltages ranging from 1.7 to 5.5V and facilitates low power utilization with current supply in the run mode lower than 15 uA per button and industry-optimal sleep current with a depth of 100 uA. The patented CapSense Sigma Delta offers resistance to radiated and conducted noise and the device ensures safe functioning even in extreme sensing environments. The controller balances the standard and extreme detection by its self-tuning capacity and maintains optimum sensing mode during the fluctuating operation and power up conditions.

Dirk Franklin, business unit director, Cypress’s CapSense solutions, stated that the CapSense system with its self-tuning technology enables the easy implementation of touch- sensing and the touch- interference which when added to the PCB product eliminates fabrication risk and marketing time inturn avoiding the system tuning process. He added that the controller widens the CapSense users and markets as the designers can easily devise their mechanical buttons Excluding the UI subsystem tuning process, benefits the large and small scale manufacturers as well as the supply chain and factory footprint consumers by saving the construction time and product loss encountered in the manufacturing process. The SmartSense self-tuning eradicates the necessity of additional validation steps associated with the overlays and marketing fluctuations.

The CapSense controller precisely monitors even the button pushes in the compact sensors. The device also furnishes an integrated failure analysis system with serial data debugging for facilitating the fabrication process as well as a voltage controller to detect the power delivery noise and filters for other fake noises. The device is accessible in a miniature factor in the range of 3mm x 3mm x 0.6mm in a 16-pad QFN package.

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