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Automotive Sensor Market Likely to Flourish World-Wide

IMS Research document on The World Market for Automotive Sensors foretells a brilliant future and will continue to flourish at an average yearly rate of nearly 10 % in the coming years for the automotive sensor dealers after the downstream in 2007 and 2009. The shipments of various other types of sensors used in automobiles are likely to expand further.

A crucial element promoting this requirement is legislation. Ordinance on fuel economy and emissions are being strictly evaluated world-wide which resulted in the increased demand for sensors such as exhaust-gas temperature sensing devices that can monitor the factors bound with engine emissions and fuel consumption. The other significant legislation imposed is on the implementation of electronic control stability, which demands low-q accelerometers, gyroscopes and steering angle sensors. The report predicts that the unit dispatch of steering angle sensing devices will increase by an average of 12 % or more per year.

Apart from legislation, various safe and suitable sensor applications are well-liked such as the position sensors in the hard-top electric roofing of the vehicles and sensors in the vehicles for monitoring harmful gases reaching the chamber and automatically shutting the inlet air upon detection. As per the records, the unit dispatch of the air quality detection sensors will increase fourfold in the subsequent years.

Besides all the growth perspectives, the automotive sensor dealers still face several challenging situations such as cost pressure, competitive markets and the fall in market demand for some products. Anyhow, the forecasted enhanced global market value of the automotive sensors will help the dealers a lot.


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