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TiaLinx Unveils New Breathing Detection Sensor to Identify Multiple Individuals Through Thick Concrete Walls

TiaLinx, Inc., a technology leader and developer of multi-sensor breathing detectors, announced the launch of the Eagle5-NCL™, a versatile breathing detection sensor of motionless individuals with remote connectivity and networking capabilities.

Eagle5-NC (PRNewsFoto/TiaLinx, Inc.)

The light advanced sensor is designed to detect the existence of live persons inside a compound, while its integrated high-resolution display clearly indicates the precise location of any live persons. Unmatched in the industry, TiaLinx's patented Wafer-Scale™ beamforming and use of coded ultra-wideband radar technologies enables the sensing and networking of the units to identify multiple individuals through thick concrete walls. The impulse based ultra-wideband system is superior to the single or multi-frequency ultra-wideband Doppler technologies in many ways: traditional Doppler solutions are based on motion sensing; hence, they become inefficient in motionless scenarios, where a person is hiding or pretending to be expired. Significant attenuation is also encountered in sensing through thick concrete, which forces the use of higher power transmissions that are environmentally hazardous. In contrast, TiaLinx's impulse radar system boasts superior performance from massive signal processing to enhance its detection capability even at low power transmissions. "With the innovative design of the processor and display module, users can inter-changeably replace the RF Modules and upgrade the Eagle5-NC to the Eagle5-NCL for their desired applications," commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and President of TiaLinx. "This capability further allows backward compatibility with the smaller footprint Eagle5-NC RF module to enhance its range detection."


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