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Mountain RF Sensors Launches New Line of Software Defined Receivers, MtRF-2100 Series

In answer to the question “What have you been missing?,” Mountain RF Sensors is announcing their new line of Software Defined Receivers (SDR), the MtRF-2100 Series. This second-generation has undergone two years of research & development and offers wider frequency coverage, more features and a higher level of performance as compared to the previous generation. Six models cover the 100 kHz – 550 MHz range and offer superior sensitivity and dynamic range to uncover signals previously not heard.

The receivers are complete stand-alone “black box” receivers, not requiring a supporting PC as most “SDR” receivers do. The receivers are ideal for leave-behind SIGINT and spectrum monitoring applications, supporting both analog audio (narrow band) and digital I&Q (wide band) outputs. Communication is available via RS-232 serial, USB, and Ethernet ports. The receivers use a 16 bit 130 MHz A/D converter and an Altera Cyclone III FPGA to achieve both high sensitivity and dynamic range.

The MtRF-2100 Series is offered in an 8.75” x 6.50” x 2.02” module or 1U 19” rack version.

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