NASA to Throw Open Creative Challenges to the Public

Hampton-based NASA Langley Research Center has conducted an open innovation challenge for the first time, and two, out of the three creative challenge solvers were from Italy. They examined  the advantages of a vast number of micro-sensors that can be exploited by NASA, in gathering data from the space. One major segment in the challenge was regarding the issue in synchronizing the movements and functions of the numerous tiny sensors that are located miles apart.

According to Melvin Ferebee, manager of the open innovation research team at NASA, the main purpose of the open challenge was to understand the creativity of the people outside NASA about the particular concept.

Ferebee remarked that she is highly satisfied with the success of their initial challenge. Various solutions for the particular problem has been proposed by over 420 people across 49 countries and the eminent judging panel selected two innovative proposals that were submitted by Simone Sergi of Modena and Fabrizio Invernizzi of Cuneo. They were rewarded with $8,000 and $2,000, respectively for their innovative thought and the third award was presented to Tad Hogg of Mountain View who received $8,000.

NASA Langley will open other future challenges also to the public.


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