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Revolutionary Results from BodyMedia’s Two-Year Body-Monitoring Technology Trial

Ongoing clinical trials by BodyMedia Inc. have revealed that individuals who tried out its wearable body-monitoring technology have achieved three times more weight loss as compared to individuals who did not use this technology.

Outcomes of the company’s initial four-month trial studying the effect of its body-monitoring systems on weight reduction, pioneered by BodyMedia, were revealed during the recent 29th Annual International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Trade Show and Convention.

Dr. Steven Blair, who performed the trial at the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health , informs that the study outcome indicates that the technology is highly suitable for people who want to lose weight. Blair adds that those participants who tried out only the online web application (without any group sessions) and the armband of BodyMedia experienced about more than two times weight loss as compared to those who did not use the BodyMedia technology.

Based on his experience and perspective in the weight loss domain, Blair hopes the technology will significantly influence weight loss and result in healthier lifestyles. Blair adds that judging by the initial four-month trial reports, it could be surmised that the ultimate nine-month study will depict trends of continued weight loss as participants continue to adopt this cutting-edge, multi-sensor technology from BodyMedia in their lifestyles.

Blair says that this is the first study of its kind that analyses the effects of multi-sensor-based wearable body-monitoring systems on weight reduction results. Christine Robins, Chief Executive Officer at BodyMedia, reveals that BodyMedia is excited to release the revolutionary results, considering the critical issues facing the U.S. due to obesity and increasing healthcare expenses.  

Robins adds that the study has enabled BodyMedia to confirm its observations made on users of its weight loss products in the U.S. These observations have confirmed the functioning of BodyMedia’s weight loss technology by offering a precise method for users to find out calories burnt as compared to their daily consumption of calories. BodyMedia’s user-friendly technology is emerging as an influential tool that keeps customers motivated by depicting weight loss in real time as they use the weight loss system.

The clinical study, called the Lifestyle Education for Activity and Nutrition for a Leaner You (LEAN), was carried out during Feb 2008 to Dec 2009, and covered 197 obese or overweight people in the 18-65 age group. These participants had Internet access and were not involved in any other prescribed weight loss or exercise program. Participants of this program were divided into four groups:. Participants of a group weight loss counseling scheme, people engaged in group weight loss scheme combined with wearable body-monitoring system of BodyMedia, people using wearable body-monitoring system of BodyMedia only, and a control group with participants using a weight loss manual only.

According to Blair, the initial results depict that wearable body monitors could be individually used as a weight loss tool, or can also be used along with a prescribed customary weight loss program. In both cases, the clinical results highlight the capability to support weight reduction in obese and overweight adults.

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