AEye Completes First Successful Demo of the LiDAR System

AEye Inc, a robotic vision pioneer, announced the successful completion of a live metropolitan demo showcasing its solid state commercial LiDAR system with 360° vehicle coverage.

AEye's high-performance system employs a dense 150 vertical channel LiDAR scanner, paired with region of interest configurability, for enhanced ranges up to 300 meters. AEye is the first to to announce a commercial solid state system that has the potential of real-time software configurability and 360° coverage - significant milestones for the delivery of compact, superior performance, cost-effective advanced vision systems that allow self-driving vehicles in order to navigate roadways in a safe manner.

Single frame high density point cloud from AEye's 150-channel intelligent LiDAR, capable of 360 degree vehicle coverage and 300 meter range (Graphic: Business Wire)

This milestone reflects a leap into next generation vision systems, in which solid state systems combine best-in-class technology to achieve distance, frame-rate, and resolution previously unattainable. This is just the starting point for AEye. Our system’s use of intelligent sensing and software-definable LiDAR (SDL) will catalyze rapid innovation and world class perception capabilities, enabling OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and mobility companies to successfully tackle their toughest corner cases.

Luis Dussan, Founder and CEO, AEye

AEye’s advanced algorithms and integrated system architecture reproduce how the visual cortex pre-processes and customizes information transmitted to the brain. For intelligent data collection and rapid perception and motion planning, the system pre-fuses computer vision and 1550 nm band LiDAR.

AEye’s software-configurable hardware enables vehicle control system software to specifically customize data collection in real-time, while optional edge processing decreases control loop latency for safety and optimal performance.

AEye reduces median system bandwidth requirements, lowers power requirements and improves reliability by placing a visual cortex behind the “eyes” of the vehicle that digests information efficiently and quickly – all these are advances that are considered to be viral for providing low latency mobility solutions and high resolution. Additionally, the unique MEMS-based design permits for customization, rapid development and cost-effective manufacturing at scale.

Presently, AEye is testing its system with large transportation and heavy industry OEMs and executing demonstrations with key supply chain and mobility partners, along with phased commercial rollouts planned all through 2017 and 2018.

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