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ANDalyze Sensor Monitors Water Pollutants On-Site Employing DNA Catalytic Technology

The Fluorimeter-based device or the ANDalyze sensor is capable of performing live testing and evaluation of heavy metal contamination in water and is being marketed in China and Australia, dominating the time consuming laborious evaluation processes such as reagent and electrochemical testing procedures.

ANDalyze Sensor

These unique products from ANDalyze needs no expertise in the field of chemistry, discharges no disastrous chemicals and provides the evaluation reports rapidly within one minute or less thus lowering the testing time and expenses in the water sectors.

Haibin Ma, of Focused Photonics, ANDalyze's China-based customer stated that the ANDalyze sensor facilitates speedy and easier examination process for identifying the presence of lead in water.

This novel water evaluation method works on DNA based catalytic technology for tracing the contaminants in the water. The ANDalyze product features consumable DNA sensing devices for detecting lead and uranium pollutants and is coupled with an AND1000 Fluorimeter which is capable of tracking the contaminants such as cadmium, mercury, silver copper etc by using the DNA sensors.


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