Remote Sensing Technology to Monitor the Health and Behavioral Status of Senior Residents in NewCourtland Square

A novel research report states that remote sensing technology will help the senior residents to shift from nursing homes to community-oriented supportive housing providing cost-effective security measures to the elderly.

The sensor technology was accredited by Courtland HT in association with their technology collaborator Healthsense and NewCourtland LIFE Program, a PACE supplier in Philadelphia. Based on their survey, they could identify that by shifting 33 senior residents from nursing homes to sensor technology supported NewCourtland Square for inspecting the health status of the elderly, they were able to save $1.85 million yearly.

According to Brian Bischoff, President and CEO, Healthsense commented that from the survey they could infer that the Healthsense’s sensor technology permits the elders to live safely with absolute freedom providing good quality living in a cost-effective, resourceful supportive housing. He added that the technology driven self-living methodology is practicable and is highly-economical in comparison with the homecare nursing system and can lower the home care expenses from $6,000 per person per month to $125 per person per month.

Other advantages of the technology commissioned by the association of Courtland HT and Healthsense that were emphasized in the study report encompasses lesser hospitalization of senior persons and decreased high-cost room visits, by virtue of the sensor technology’s potentiality in monitoring the resident’s health status and behavioral standard immediately, pointing out the chances of any clinical problem of the residents as a result of the system’s ability to promptly detect changes in health and behavior patterns that would indicate clinical complications.


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