Intellicheck Mobilisa to Provide FAN and LSG Mediated Wireless Port Surveillance System

Intellicheck Mobilisa, a pioneer in access control, identity and wire-free protection systems, declared that the company has been granted nearly $500,000 supplementary R&D financial support from the U.S. Navy for their Littoral Sensor Grid (LSG) and Floating Area Network (FAN) oriented wireless surveillance buoy scheme.

The wire-free protection buoy system offers a robust sensing device and transmission networks that are capable of performing live inspections and recordings of marine eco-systems. The security scheme aims mainly on anti-terrorism and to achieve this, various sensing devices are embedded into the communication grid to obtain prior awareness of the surroundings. The floats will also monitor and record crucial water quality parameters that provide a negative impact on sensitive marine environments as a next measure.

Intellicheck Mobilisa advanced the buoy systems and initialized the evaluation of the integral sensing units in 2008 at Puget Sound, aiming to improve the marine as well as the port surveillance system. The surveillance technology and its sensing potentiality have been developing to a high-standard and from then on have attained nation-wide significance.

Dr. Nelson Ludlow, CEO at Intellicheck Mobilisa stated that the wire-free buoys scheme has been authorized by the intelligence community and the Department of Defense for enhancing the port and marine security provision and that supplementary financial aid will help in the development of novel inspection technologies for the successful accomplishment of research activities.


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