ASM Pacific Technology Experts Discuss Enabling Technologies for Industry 4.0 at SEMICON Taiwan

Four experts from ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT) will be discussing and showcasing the latest enabling technologies for Industry 4.0 at SEMICON Taiwan from 17 to 20 September 2019.

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Besides the speaker presentations, ASMPT will also be demonstrating its leading-edge solutions in surface mount technology, equipment and materials for the semiconductor assembly and packaging industries from 18 to 20 September 2019 at the exhibition at booths number: N0762 and N0662

Speakers and synopses of the presentations are as follows.

SilverSAM, a Sintering Innovation for Power Electronics by Dr Eric Kuah, Vice President, Technology

Dr Eric Kuah will be discussing the newly developed sintering material and pressure sintering process and demonstrating SilverSAM, a sintering innovation for power electronics that can ensure good sintered bond of all dies within a package. Good sintered bond packages are able to operate under higher temperature thus creating higher reliability. Manufacturing cost is also lower as there is no cleaning needed after the sintering process because there is no oxidation of the package.

SilverSAM is an innovation that is currently available for test packaging power module use in the electrification of vehicle.

MEMs and Sensors Market for Internet of Things (IoT) by Peter Tsang, Senior Sales Manager

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMs) and sensors are key enablers in the new era of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and smart technology. There is sustainable growth in this market and many new and interesting applications. The package design, assembly flow and process requirements are highly customized. With a full vertical assembly equipment portfolio, ASMPT is in the best position to provide customer turnkey solution, meeting today’s time-to-market business model.

Mr Peter Tsang will present the market trends, key applications and types of sensors in development, as well as ASMPT’s total solution with advanced features that can address the critical assembly requirements.

Process Challenges and Solutions for Different Heterogeneous Integration Approaches by Dr Li Ming, R&D Director

Heterogeneous integration (HI) has been known as one of the enablers for “More-than-Moore” technology, largely because achieving business returns from node scaling on the front-end technology is becoming more challenging. Through heterogeneous integration, the package designer is able to spite the original single IC chip (SOC) into different segments, and to connect them together again during the assembly stage, so that the final package performs the same function as a monolithic chip. By doing this, each segment can now be more focused on the wafer fabrication with its corresponding node technology.

Dr Li Ming will cover the process challenges on interconnect and the corresponding solution including manufacturing equipment solution for different heterogeneous integration approaches.

Smart Manufacturing by Andy Tee, Senior Project Manager

Industry 4.0 initiative has driven manufacturing to transform from conventional human-dependent to SMART approach through automation and digitization. As a leading equipment supplier to semiconductor manufacturing industry, technology leader ASMPT has been the first provider that is able to offer a consistent spectrum of open interfaces, standardized protocols and integrated platforms for all factory levels, i.e. from machine to the line to the entire plant, and connecting to the cyber network. Artificial Intelligence is another key element that drives data analytics into a new era in speeding up the improvement in manufacturing key performance indexes.

Mr Andy Tee will share on the industry perception of Industry 4.0 and ASMPT’s initiatives in enabling Smart Factory towards Industry 4.0 for semiconductor assembly.


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