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BodyMedia Combines Armband Sensors with Smartphones

BodyMedia has launched its new armband sensors, which are to be connected to smart phones wirelessly through Bluetooth. According to John Stivoric, Chief Technology Officer, the company has collaborated with Google and Apple to develop the smartphone.

Using this system, a person could monitor a set of 9000 variables, such as calories burnt, sleep efficiency, body heat and so on, all of which are collected by the BodyMedia armband sensors continuously. Previously BodyMedia customers were downloading their personal data to a web site, or viewed a few measurements on a unique watchband. But now the smartphone acts as a full-fledged computer, and observes the activities of a human body in real-time.

BodyMedia a 1999 startup company, established by four researchers of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, began with state-of-the art pedometers, and had a great run in health and technology conferences, but struggled in the consumer marketplace, with its expensive innovative products. But now things seem to be changing for the better. Presently BodyMedia products have been sold to customers in the health club segment in the U.S., and in Europe clinical applications of BodyMedia have dominated. Future markets include corporate wellness programs and diabetes management for companies such as Tangerine Wellness, Virgin HealthMiles and RedBrick Health.

According to Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance’s Chief Executive, Rob McCray, BodyMedia with its rich experience has a better chance in today’s markets.


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