Swift Sensors Introduces Wireless Water Detection Sensor to Protect Against Costly Leaks and Flood Events

Swift Sensors, a leading provider of remote monitoring and alert solutions, announces the SS3-108P Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor water to protect facilities against major damage from leaks and flood events. Designed to safeguard office buildings, schools, industrial plants, and multifamily residential buildings, the SS3-108P integrates into the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system to automatically send a text or email immediately when water is detected.

Image source: EIN Presswire

The Water Detection Sensor Puck leverages a unique design that enables flexible placement in critical areas such as pumps, supply lines, or water heaters. By strategically positioning these sensor pucks, users can ensure quick and accurate detection of any water leakage. Whether it's a small drip or a major plumbing malfunction, Swift Sensors' latest product provides early warning to mitigate potential damages, reduce downtime, and prevent extensive repairs or replacements.

As part of the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, the Water Detection Sensor Puck seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure. The system automatically detects the presence of water and instantly triggers customizable alerts, sending text messages, emails, or phone calls to designated personnel or maintenance teams. This prompt notification empowers users to take immediate action, minimizing potential water damage and ensuring the safety of occupants and assets. Built on the Swift Sensors wireless platform, the sensor has a 6-8 year battery life, a 300-foot range, and is dust-proof and water-resistant against temporary submersion.

Key Features of the Water Detection Sensor Puck:

  • Easy Placement: The compact and versatile design allows users to place the sensor pucks anywhere around pumps, supply lines, or water heaters, ensuring maximum coverage and accuracy.
  • Reliable Detection: Swift Sensors' advanced technology swiftly identifies the presence of water, offering real-time monitoring and early warning of potential leaks or floods.
  • Seamless Integration: The Water Detection Sensor Puck seamlessly integrates into the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, leveraging its powerful capabilities to deliver immediate notifications.
  • Customizable Alerts: Users can tailor alerts to their specific needs, choosing from text messages, emails, or phone calls, ensuring timely communication and enabling swift action.
  • Scalable Solution: The Swift Sensors ecosystem allows for effortless scalability, accommodating various building sizes and configurations, from single units to large-scale installations.

"Water damage impacts more than 700,000 businesses and costs the industry more than $13 B in restoration," said Ray Almgren, CEO of Swift Sensors. "We’re proud to add early-detection water sensors to our portfolio to help prevent catastrophic damage and long-term impacts from slow leaks."

With the addition of water detection pucks, Swift Sensors continues to build out a portfolio of sensors for commercial facilities managers that includes power monitoring, temperature and humidity, vibration, and door sensors.

Source: https://www.swiftsensors.com/

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