Fiber Optic Sensors to Enhance Border Security

An advanced fiber optic technology has been developed by, Scott Urquhart, geophysicist and president of the engineering company Zonge, along with Moe Momayez, professor at Arizona University. This Helios project is aimed at enforcing enhanced security in the borders.

The system completely eliminates the need of cameras, fences or enforcement agents. It comprises unique fiber optic cable that has been concealed  in a short distance under the ground and monitors accurately the data above the ground. The Helios transmits laser signals from the wire up to the surface and monitors the deviations in the signals that it gains back from the surface. According to Urquhart and Momayez, the devise is highly responsive and can identify the variations occurring between anything such as person, a car, a horse, a dog, etc. on the surface. The high-quality fiber-optic wire used in the system is economical and is flexible to carry over extended distances and will be highly consistent and inclusive when compared to the cameras.


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