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Research Collaboration for Nanowire Sensor Design and Fabrication

The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) announced that it has entered into a research collaboration with the University of Illinois, and the Institute of Agency for Science, Technology and Research. The research is focused on defining basic rules for optimization of nanowire sensor design, and batch fabrication techniques.

The research output will lead to enhanced nanosensor stability as well as device reproducibility. This will help in commercializing the technology. IME will use its platform technology for the fabrication of nanowire FET (field-effect transistor) sensors, and FET nanoplate arrays that are silicon-based, and are designed by the University of Illinois. IME will fabricate the devices at its MEMS and CMOS fabrication facility.

The devices will be used in cancer biomarker detection, and in point-of-care diagnostic systems, to test their performance. Regarding nanowire sensors, many unknowns, such as impact of electrostatic screening and surrounding environment on the performance, exist. The partnership will find solutions for unanswered questions on nanowire sensors, said the principal investigator for Bioelectronics Programme of IME, Dr. Chen Yu.


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