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New Media Space for Sensor Measurement

Cores Electronic has launched SensedIn, a new sensor media concept, which exploits new developments in the Internet technology and WiFi tag technology. The SensedIn sensor media site enables the users to communicate with friends and colleagues by posting live sensors over the Internet.

In the SensedIn space, the posted sensors are represented by widget instruments or widgets. This is a basic technology that transmits sensor data on the Internet. The widget becomes a second self or a sensor alter-ego in the SensedIn space that is a part of the Internet of Things.

When connected with a WiFi tag, the sensor becomes a cloud instrument. The WiFi tag digitizes the sensor data to transmit data to an Access Point from where the data is sent to a server IP or the Internet. Then, a customized engine collects the data to feed into web applications such as charting, analysis, data mining, metering, and display. Such web-based applications can be embedded in media sites and web pages with the help of widget instruments.

The President of Cores Electronic, Marius Ghercioiu, stated that SensedIn is a site for widget instrument display and sensor measurement.


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