Tyco’s Magnetic Actuators for Car Safety

Tyco Electronics has introduced general purpose magnetic actuators that have a key function in modern-day passenger cars. These actuators keep the safety features in place.

Tyco Electronics Magetic Actuator

They release them during crucial situations. The actuators can also enable unlocking or locking the doors, altering the damping mode of the engine’s vibration silencers, among other functions.

Since every application stipulates its own specific packaging layout, the Tyco expertise helps in designing the functionality into the desired form. Carefully prepared studies and simulations are developed by the Tyco engineers for optimizing the energy efficiency in the packing that is available, taking into consideration the requisite displacement parameters, the ambient temperatures, and the output forces. The Tyco actuators concentrate on linear displacement for both bi-stable and mono-stable solutions.

Dependable performance and very precise magnetic properties are ensured by precision thermoplastic over-molding, orthocyclic winding processes, and integrating magnetic conductors. The assembly steps for an electronic assembling where a PC would be needed have been rendered simple by the multispring technology.

Tyco has expert product knowledge that encompasses the winding and the magnetic technologies. This knowledge is the base for Tyco’s innovative solutions that are applied to various automotive application areas. These areas include engine air suspension damper mode, variable camshaft actuator, and active shock-absorber switch-mode actuator.

The switch-mode actuator is incorporated in the car’s front shock absorber. This actuator renders the reaction due to the impact of the bumper flexible or stiff, based on the speed. This system minimizes injuries to bicycles and pedestrians. Based on the engine speed and load, the camshaft angle is controlled by the sealed variable camshaft actuator during high-temperature environments. The actuator helps to alter the air suspension dampening mode of the engine between normal load and idle speed conditions.

Source: http://www.tycoelectronics.com

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