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Piezoelectric Force Sensor for Modal Analysis

Dytran Instruments, a producer of piezoelectric and DC accelerometers, has launched the 1022V, an IEPE force sensor to measure low-mass dynamics. It is a tiny lightweight device.

Dytran's Piezoelectric Force Sensor

Standing 0.49inches tall, it weighs 4.2 g. It has a precision force of 50lbf, with 100mV/lbf sensitivity. It has an unloaded natural frequency of 50kHz. It has built-in components, does not need outside charge amplifier and converter. It has a quartz sensing element operable in compressed mode. It is available in a lightweight titanium packing with 5-foot coaxial cable. It can be mounted through tapped holes by corresponding threaded holes on the driving rods.

It is available with the 6011A coaxial cable assembly and model 4115B current source. It is suitable for modal analysis, process control, and force measurements requiring mass loading or measurements in constrained spaces.


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