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Redesigned Seeker Aircraft Features Larger Sensor Suite

Seabird Aviation has remodelled its Seeker patrol and survey aircraft in an endeavour to restructure airborne inspection. The effort incorporates new engines that will provide improved performance with the capability to take off with more weight. Design changes will also be able to install bigger sensor systems and a glass encased cockpit.

Seabird's Remodelled Seeker Aircraft

The hot and high performance is made possible by a Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 engine that ensures mounting of dual alternators. A secondary unit will power the sensors. The design complies with SB7L-360A3 specifications. A bigger sensor frame has been fixed to the floor of the fuselage. The tray will be connected to the frame with four hard points.

The glass cockpit has a Garmin G500 electronic flight display, an L-3 Trilogy ESI-2000 electronic standby tool, and twin Garmin GNS-430W GPS navigators. Also incorporated are a Garmin GTS-330ES transponder and a GMA-347 audio panel. An S-TEC 55X autopilot and yaw damper ensures that pilots can take breaks on extended trips. The Garmin's GSR-56 satellite-based weather system and GTS-800 traffic advisory system will enhance alertness of pilots. The Auracle CRM-2100 digital system offers engine management An IndigoSat One satellite system will offer web- based tracking. All the instruments will be certified for deployment in the aircraft.

A Trimble Geospatial light tracking and ranging (lidar) system is also available for high quality airborne laser screening. An automated flight assist system, designed by the company’s Co-operative Research Centre for Spatial Information in collaboration with the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation, helps auto piloting of the aircraft in the present flight routes for better capture of data. Gyro-stabilised gimballed camera systems can also be fitted to augment the lidar suite while inspecting transmission lines and other instruments.


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