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Multi-Axis MEMS Gyroscopes from SensorDynamics

Leading producer and vendor of wireless and microsemiconductor products SensorDynamics will be offering its three-axis and two-axis gyroscopes during May 2010.

SensorDynamics Gyroscope and 3D Sensor

These gyroscopes will function as standalone products that will be utilized for navigation, medicine, high-end consumer, automation engineering, and industry applications. They have characteristics that relate to the single-axis gyroscopes in the SD77x/78x, SD75x, and SD70x product range. The multi-axis gyroscopes offer substantial reductions in cost as compared to the single-axis gyroscopes, due to their higher integration density. The single-axis gyroscope range is in mass production already.

The tested and established PSM-X2 MEMS process was used to fabricate the patented sensor elements. Since January 2010, this process is used for 8 inch wafer elements. These sensors have created new options related to miniaturization, dependability, and pricing issues for situations involving their usage as standalone systems, as well as when these sensors are integrated with a 3D accelerometer.

The 3D gyroscope is manufactured by utilizing the dual-cavity technology. SensorDynamics has patented this technology. A 3D accelerometer will be integrated with this 3D gyroscope in the next phase. This phase will result in the development of a total inertial measurement unit (IMU) that will have six degrees of freedom. This IMU, known as the 6DoF IMU, occupies a mere few square millimeters in terms of chip space. In the following months, an appropriate consumer sector gadget with this IMU will be developed.

An automotive version for the -40 to +125°C temperature range that is certified to AEC-Q100 is on the company’s roadmap.

Source: Sensor Dynamics

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