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RF Technology Powered Implantable Sensor for Glucose Level Monitoring

PositiveID has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its electromechanical sensor that is powered by passive radio frequency (RF). The sensor is able to detect the glucose levels in a patient continuously.

The company is using the patent pending technology to develop its GlucoChip, a microchip that can detect glucose. It could also be used in technologies that will be developed by MicroFluidic Systems, a company soon to be taken over by PositiveID.

The system incorporates RF technology to remotely control and communicate with an embedded sensor. The implantable sensor has multiple MEMS devices to detect physical changes, which may reflect glucose levels within a living organism that is transmitted to an external reader with the help of integrated electronics.

The company partnered with RECEPTORS to develop the surface chemistry for binding glucose to the MEMS modules and PositiveID possesses the exclusive license for this application.

The wireless molecular sensor does not need a battery and lasts for a long period. It could replace finger pricks done to obtain blood for checking glucose levels and eliminate unnecessary inconvenience for diabetics.


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