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Ascendent ID’s SensorTags for Automatic Load Tracking

Ascendent ID, a company that manufactures long range RFID-based sensors, introduces new SensorTags. The tags are used to detect each asset wirelessly. It can also be used to collect the integrated sensor information from a wide array of sensors for tracking real-time and from previously stored history.

Sensor Tag

Doug Crane, President of Ascendent ID, stated that the sensor options will be suitable across a wide range of verticals including aerospace, shipping container security, pharmaceutical, and cold chain. The RFID sensor tags used for log tracking systems can be sampled at specific intervals of time to obtain a recorded history of exceptions and compliance.

For log tracking purposes, the sensor tags are initialized at the origin of the load, sampling is done at specific points throughout the path. Once the product is transported to its destination, the data stored is sent out automatically to an RFID reader. The memory of the sensor tag is emptied after receiving confirmation that the entire history has been transferred. The tag can then be reused to gather a fresh set of samples. For tags placed within the vicinity of the reader, the sensor can be queried on-demand. The RFID system substitutes the manual methods used for tracking compliance with an automated and electronic system to obtain load data with superior precision and reliability.


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