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Sensichips Develops Safety System Microsensors

A semiconductor innovator, Roberto Simmarano has launched a new company, Sensichips, to develop safety system microsensors. The company has been added to the Aero Sekur Group of Companies.

Sensichips offers energy-efficient integrated microsensors for the defense and aerospace sectors. It also provides a combination of analytical chemistry, materials science and precision analog microelectronics proficiency. Sensichips would work along with OEMs and electronic integrators to develop tailored sensor systems based on microchips.

Roberto Simmarano with a great track record in innovation has also been involved in microchip development initiatives for Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Philips CE and Apple. He was also involved with the first Apple iPod and introduced the first Integrated Active Noise Cancelling chip set.

The chips with a dimension of 3x3 mm provide an integrated microsensor IC Platform that consumes very less power and has powerful detection capabilities with radiological, chemical, nuclear and biological agents.

According to Silvio Rossignoli, the President of Aero Sekur, the diminutive scale of the microsensors would help the chips to be integrated in a range of wearable electronics, which would lead to the development of smart fabrics with sensor capabilities. Simmarano revealed that the collaboration with Aero Sekur would provide Sensichips a boost to develop its smart sensors platform for taxing and challenging applications in the defense and aerospace sectors.


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