Rittenhouse Develops Sensor-based Weed Control Solution

A spraying equipments manufacturer based in Canada, Rittenhouse has developed a revolutionary weed control management system, the WeedSeeker. It is an integrated pest management (IPM) tool capable of identifying weeds automatically.

The WeedSeeker has been designed to identify and apply a pre-defined quantity of herbicide to the identified weed, thus decreasing the quantity of herbicide required to achieve similar results while using the conventional technique of blanket spraying.

The Rittenhouse WeedSeeker Sprayer Sensor

The spray delivery mechanism and the WeedSeeker’s optics have been manufactured by a GPS, laser and optical technology manufacturer, Trimble. Designed with sophisticated optical features, the weed control management system detects weeds present in grass, railroads, golf course pathways and gravel. When a weed is its field of vision, the sensor identifies a distinct color pattern and sends a signal to the spray nozzle, to spray the precise amount of herbicide directly on the weed, thus making the system highly effective in areas where weeds occur sporadically. This method helps reduce chemical waste since it does not spray on the bare ground, but directly on specific areas.

While the WeedSeeker has been designed for use in industrial and agricultural spray applications, Rittenhouse is developing another spray system which is smaller and best suited for use in public places, right of way vegetation management, refineries and railways. It is possible to conveniently mount the spray sytem in a utility vehicle specifically the cargo box after it has been tested.

It is possible to include more spot spray sensors whenever needed so as to expand the width coverage area. The WeedSeeker features a 12 v powered pump, a 30 gallon tank, an adjustable pressure regulator, spot spray sensors, return flow tank agitation, speed range of 3 to 10 miles/hr and a WeedSeeker controller capable of operating 40 sensors.


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