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Octasic Launches High-Density Video Transcoding Cards

Octasic has introduced new video transcoding cards called the TXP1000.

The TXP1000 delivers high channel density with minimum power usage unlike server-based solutions that pose problems in terms of cost and power efficiency, and is available in a PCI Express (PCIe) form factor. The TXP1000 provides a comprehensive solution for designing video-based communications devices. Internet device makers and network service providers can utilize the TXP1000 to design and deploy efficient video transcoding equipment that delivers high channel density.

The TXP1000 incorporates a host API, a transcoding software stack, a software for audio and video media processing, and PCIe cards. These features enable manufacturers to design devices that meet the needs of complex video transcoding systems. One such card can deliver 335 video transcoding channels.

Octasic’s Director of Business Development, John Fry, informed that original equipment manufactures and internet device makers are revising their standard approach towards media processing. He added that this change is attributed to the rapid advancement in mobile video services such as Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR), video streaming, multimedia messaging, mobile conferencing and video telephony.

According to Aylus Networks’ Vice President of Product Management, William Kwan, Octasic's TXP1000 systems enable the company to offload audio and video transcoding, which lends them extra processing power to provide mobile service enablement and media optimization services.

Octasic had incorporated its Vocallo MGW technology into the TXP1000 cards. The Vocallo MGW technology has received several awards including one for the Most Innovative DSP Product. The TXP1000 can enhance a wide range of technologies in the  communications arena.

The media processing software incorporated in the TXP1000 offers MPEG-4, CODEC, H.263 and H.264 support from quarter common intermediate format (QCIF) to high definition (HD) resolution. The software stack also provides frame rate, bit rate, quality adaptation, packet loss concealment, resolution scaling, video mixing engine, stream insertion and graphics overlay. The TXP1000 is also supported by enhanced voice quality functions and audio CODECs.

Octasic specializes in providing wireless and software solutions for the communication device sector.

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