CAS DataLoggers Highlights CO2, Temperature and Humidity Logger at AHR 2012

CAS DataLoggers showcased its new TR-76Ui CO2 + Temperature + Humidity Logger at the T&D booth at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition held from Jan 23 to 25, 2012. The exposition is the world's largest marketplace for HVAC&R products.

AHR 2012 had more than 1,800 suppliers and manufacturers of HVAC&R products and systems and saw more than 50,000 visitors. The latest HVAC&R products and systems were highlighted, with applications specialists from CAS showcasing solutions and guiding attendees to decide on products best suited for their requirements.

T&D demonstrated compact dataloggers for monitoring energy efficiency, specialized climate control systems, facilities and HVAC&R performance. Several models, ranging from portable models to advanced monitoring systems with the capability to automatically transmit data were offered. These were suitable for monitoring refrigerators, ovens, furnaces, cryostats and freezers. Many customers were interested in applications for monitoring indoor air quality.

The new T&D TR-76Ui CO2, temperature and humidity logger has the capability to simultaneously record humidity, temperature and CO2. The data is collected in three channels and can be downloaded through a USB connection to a computer for viewing in tabular or graphical forms. The data can also be saved and used with spreadsheet software. The TR-76Ui can be used in schools, residences, offices and other personal and business uses for monitoring CO2 levels. The flexible three-channel data logger can also be used in air conditioning and ventilation controls for saving energy.

The T&D RTR-503 wireless solution that can measure both humidity and temperature caught the interest of guests looking out for a combined solution. The RTR-503 is a wireless, water-resistant device that finds use in industrial, agriculture, and food processing and storage applications.


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