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Maxim Offers Smallest Battery Charger Detectors

Maxim Integrated Products is offering the smallest USB battery charger detectors called the MAX14578E/MAX14578AE, which is compliant to USB Battery Charging Specifications.

The devices have the capability to detect USB standard downstream ports, dedicated charger ports, USB charging downstream ports and charger adapters from Sony and Apple. The device will optimise the time taken and the efficiency of charging by controlling the external lithium-ion battery charger controller when it detects the charging port.

Manufacturers need not provide an additional power adapter along with their products. This will help them in simplifying their production and contribute to a green environment. Since the device is extremely flexible, consumers may not require to own a separate device for charging in the future. The on-chip LDO in the device has an output of 5.3V, which can power a USB transceiver. The ESD protection provided on the USB data pins can be extended to provide a contact discharge of +/-15kV and +/-8kV IEC 61000-4-2. This feature reduces the cost, complexity of the product and the space taken up on the board substantially leading to highly integrated consumer devices. Maxim also specialises in providing mixed-signal and analog semiconductors.



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