Global Markets and Technologies Reports on People Screening Portals for 2010–2014

Reportlinker has recently released the 2010-2014 global markets and technologies report for the People Screening Portals domain.

This report provides an exhaustive analysis of sub market forecasts exceeding 200, high volume or high growth markets based on geographical regions, countries, customer sector and technology; government programs and funding sources, more than 50 pipeline and off-the-shelf technologies like active and passive MMWave, terahertz and infrared portals, walk by detectors type multi threat or multi modal portals, back scatter imaging and intra cavity explosives detection; analysis of seven sub markets that include ETD Portals and Devices, Multi-model, Whole Body Scanners, Walk-by Sensor Systems, Multi-threat Portals, Liquid Explosive Detectors, Shoe Scanners, Metal Detection Devices and Portals; current and pipeline technologies, technology and market forecast, prices, and eight biggest national markets like Japan, China, US, Germany, India, etc.

An executive summary covers major findings and major conclusions, the Economic Turmoil - Market Impact, Portals Sales Market for 2010-2014, Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market for 2010-2014, Total People-screening Portals Market for 2010-2014, People-screening Portals Technologies.

Other chapters highlighted by the report include Market Drivers, Market Inhibitors, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Market Dynamics, Business Challenges and Opportunities, People Screening I.T. and Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD) Devices and

The important chapter on People Screening IT discusses Trusted Traveler Systems,
CAPPS Systems/Secure Flight, Advance Passenger Information System, Immigration Advisory Program, Terrorist Watch Lists and ‘Automatic Selectee’ and ‘No Fly’
Watch Lists.

The ETD section dwells on the ETD Core Technologies, ETD Principles of Operation, Core Technologies of the ETD Analytic Sub-system, Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS),
ChemiLuminescence (CL), Electron Capture Detectors (ECD), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Pipeline ETD Core Technologies, Next Generation ETD Technologies, ETD People Screening Portals, Present Status and Challenges, Operational principle, Cost Performance Analysis, Economical and Techno-Tactical Considerations, Techno-Tactical Needs, Vendors, Products & Prices, Hand-Held & Desktop ETD Devices.

A treatise on MOS and MIP Explosives Sensors covers Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) Sensors and MOS-enabled Electro-Chemical Sensor Networks.

The failed bombing attempt of the Northwest flight 253 on Christmas day has demonstrated major security lapses in airports around the world and has resulted in a move to strengthening current security measures as well as initiating stricter security guidelines. This is triggering a change in the market of people screening systems that emphasizes on premium detection rather than screening based on metal detector portals.

HSRC has predicted that the overall market with sales, upgrade, refurbishment, and maintenance will increase three fold to more than $2 billion by 2014 from $0.6 billion in 2009.


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