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CAS DataLoggers Installs Wired Temperature Monitoring System in Biobank

CAS DataLoggers has revealed that the Accsense A2-05 LAN-wired data logger was deployed at a biorepository storage facility that stores blood and tissue samples, drugs, and high-value goods.

The data loggers were installed as the freezers, cryogenic tanks and the medical refrigerators in the facility that demanded continuous data archiving and temperature monitoring for preservation of the inventory and to comply with the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Furthermore a solution was required to monitor temperature fluctuations caused by frequent door opening.

The easy-to-use, easy-to-install automated Accsense system featuring management system has been designed for freezers, incubators, cryogenic storage facilities and medical refrigerators. A total of 12 Accsense A2-05 Ethernet Wired Temperature Measurement Pods were installed in the storage facility to continuously monitor the temperature in the cryogenic tanks, freezers and medical refrigerators.

Each installed Accsense A2-05 wired data logger is provided with inputs for two RTD temperature probes offering a temperature range from -100°C to +100°C (-148°F to +212°F) and an input for a thermocouple measuring temperatures ranging between -200°C and -100°C (-328°F to -148°F). Each temperature pod featured Ethernet cables and a power adapter to support power over the Ethernet to ensure easier maintenance and reduced cost. In the event of a loss in network connection or power failure, the Accsense wired data logger system would continue to function for six hours on battery. During outages, a maximum of 256 data points would be stored in each pods until the connection was reestablished, thus ensuring that the system monitored the products continuously. Furthermore, the wired Accsense pods can be used with other dataloggers to enhance system configuration.

Once installed in the biobank facility, the wired A2-05 pods began transmitting and storing data at the Rackspace servers. Customers can access historic and live data and set alarms that would send notifications by text messages, email or phone calls if the temperatures were outside the set limit.

With the Accsense data logger system, the freezer and fridge temperatures in the biobank facility have been stabilized by setting up alarms on the units’ doors, thus minimizing inventory risk.


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