Intelligent Data Logger Improves Testing of Patrol Boat Engine

CAS DataLoggers has supplied a dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger and a dataTaker CANgate CANbus to Serial Converter to a heavy equipment and engine dealer for performing tests on new engines fitted in a patrol boat.

High-Powered Engine Testing on a Navy Patrol Boat

These devices were installed in the navy boat’s console. The DT80 was used to monitor the two onboard engines. The CANgate device took the readings from the engine control units (ECU) and sent them to the logger. CAS provided a customized program for measuring nonstandard values used for monitoring certain engine parameters. The DT80 measured coolant pump pressure transducers, temperatures using thermocouples, and engine parameters using the CANgate.

The dataTaker DT80 offered a dual channel concept that allowed the use of its five input channels for multiple isolated or common referenced analog inputs. It provided a serial sensor channel, digital channels and high speed counter inputs. The DT80 has the capacity to store 10 million data points and can operate as a standalone device. Its dEX software allows easy configuration and usability.

The CANgate enabled simultaneous logging of the ship’s position along with other parameters. The new equipment allowed operators to capture critical data trends. The facility to view pressure or temperature analog measurements along with the engine controller-broadcasted data enabled the identification of potential problems in a better manner.

The dataTaker DT80 and the CANgate CANbus helped increase the quality and the effectiveness of the test. The data stored by the datalogger can be used to recreate the test on a per-second basis, enabling identification of the trend of problems that had occurred.


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