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'Smart Sensors' Detect Airborne Toxic Chemical and Dirty Bombs

Building Protection Systems (BPSI), has introduced new 'smart sensors' for detecting airborne dirty bombs and toxic chemicals. It is a cost-effective solution that provides HVAC protection for large buildings.

Protected building

BPSI’s new radiation area detectors and chemical sensor arrays feature Sentry One "Smart Sensors" that have the capability of detecting more than 120 radiological isotopes and 38 toxic chemicals within a short period. The sensors can then automatically trigger the appropriate mitigation protocol for addressing the threat by isolating the toxin.

The new design of the BPSI “smart sensors” allows easy installation and can be connected to the building’s existing automation system. The company’s 'smart sensor' and 'extended sensor' technologies enable cost-effective protection for buildings. The Sentry One has received SAFETY Act designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This provides liability protections.

BPSI's Sentry One detection systems were introduced for commercial buildings in 2008. The new advanced sensors provide real-time data about the threat detection. They support many control languages and can be connected directly to the resident building automation system. The BPSI's new "Extended Sensor" supports older control systems. A connection is made to a Sentry One controller which serves as an interface with the building automation management system.

BPSI is a global provider of dependable automated toxin protection life-safety systems that can be used in different types of locations, including buildings, mass transit stations and public gathering spaces.


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