Spirent Launches New Sensor Simulation Software

Spirent Communications, which provides testing positioning, communications and navigation technologies, has released its new SimSENSOR MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor simulation software.

SimSENSOR has been specifically designed for the R&D scenario. This novel software can be used for efficiently conducting performance testing of sensor fusion algorithms in multi-GNSS and MEMS inertial sensors integrated navigation systems.

SimSENSOR jointly works with multi-GNSS constellation simulators of Spirent. This joint operation can be activated by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS signals. SimSENSOR have been integrated with trajectories having representative human motion gestures like arm movements. It supports the potential capability of testing fusion algorithms that take inputs from various sensors such as barometric height sensors, accelerometers, gyroscope, digital compass and magnetometer. It incorporates even representative MEMS noise models and errors like bias and drift that are available under user control.

Spirent has a long-term successful history of test systems for blended GPS-inertial technology. During the year 2007, Spirent unveiled SimINERTIAL to test inertial navigation systems with high grade GPS/inertial units that are effective for deployment in military applications. Using Spirent’s expertise, SimSENSOR supports the stability and relativity between simulated sensor output streams and GNSS.

Source: http://www.spirent.com/

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