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Jackson Labs Offers All-in-One GPSDO Reference

Jackson Labs Technologies has declared that its new innovative LC_XO 10MHz Frequency and Timing Reference is now available. Packed within a sub 1 x 1 in footprint, this design consists of an ovenized, disciplined crystal oscillator, GPS receiver, and power supplies.

Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. LC_XO Miniature 10MHz Reference (GPSDO)

The LC_XO time and frequency reference serves to be a highly integrated Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) that integrates WAAS to a 50 channel GPS receiver to optimize an OCXO or TCXO to achieve frequency accuracy of 0.5 ppb. The integrated design of sub 1-in-square is flexible enough for allowing the replacement of legacy OCXOs with a low-power, compact unit ensuring atomic clock frequency precision.

The LC_XO can generate over 1E-012 (one part per trillion) frequency accuracy, extended up to 24 h. It can also be fitted or soldered onto a customers' PCB. The user can start operating the LC_XO by connecting the GPS antenna signal and 3.3V power. LC_XO is being offered in 10 MHz and 16 MHz versions.

The LC_XO is a true disciplined oscillator that is free of frequency discontinuities, phase noise, jitter, and spurs. TCXO version at 100 Hz has -132 dBc/Hz of phase noise, and -158 dBc/Hz of noise floor with over 0.1ppb of typical short-term average frequency precision and stability when connected to GPS. Configured with an OCXO by default, the LC_XO is being offered with an optional low-cost, low-power TCXO version available with instant-on performance.

The TCXO version functions from a single 3.3 V power supply, utilizes less than 0.5W, and offers two serial interfaces for NMEA 0183 navigation output and SCPI control. LC_XO is being offered in 0°C to +60°C, or -25°C to +75°C versions. It also consists of an incorporated LOCK/ALARM indicator output and firmware upgrade potential. Supported with standard NMEA-0183 serial output sequences, the unit can be used as a generic 50-channel WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS-enabled GPS receiver that ensures position, velocity, and time (PVT) solutions. Electronic aging compensation of the internal crystal facilitates operations in limited situations.


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