RFID Enabled Resistive Sensor IC from Phase IV Engineering and Melexis

Melexis and Phase IV Engineering have partnered for developing sensor tags that will be based on the release of the innovative Melexis MLX90129 HF RFID-powered resistive sensor IC.

Phase IV Sense Tag

This partnership will help the optimization of opportunities for deploying the sensing chip for developing sensing systems that were hitherto considered impossible.

Phase IV, who pioneered the first commercialized RFID sensing IC, might seem to be a competitor of Melexis’ rather than a partner. On the other hand, the MLX90129 chip has overtaken current RFID sensing ICs and has provided Phase IV with a data logging and RFID sensing chip that is likely to solve sensing problems that were not solvable earlier.

The chip’s powerful and specialized passive sensing functionalities include a sealed sensor package, an internal temperature sensor, two precise external differential sensor inputs for accommodating a broad sensors range, a standardized ISO15693 high frequency RFID interface, and a high level of configuration for accommodating precise calibration.

The chip, in the battery-enabled data logging mode, offers exceptional features of low thermal mass, small size, expandable memory via the SPI interface, sealed sensor package, and capability for tethering any two types of sensors, including very fast type of response temperature probes.

Phase IV Engineering’s COO Scott Dalgleish informed that Phase IV’s actual core competency is to offer total sensing systems for the embedded sensing and wireless problems experienced by customers from a broad range of industries. He emphasized that the MLX90129 will enable Phase IV to provide ideal solutions for various sensing projects that would not have been possible in the past.

Melexis’ RFID Product Marketing Manager Gilles Cerede informed that Phase IV is the only organization that has an in-depth understanding on applying the passive sensing technology to solve the problems of customers.

Source: http://www.phaseivengr.com

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