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PerkinElmer System Integrates Spectrometry and Chromatographic Detection

PerkinElmer, a global vendor focusing on people’s safety and health and environment, will launch its Flexar SQ 300 MS platform on May 23-27, 2010, at the 58th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Seminar at the Salt Lake City in Utah.

Perkinelmer 65 FT-IR

This platform has combined mass spectrometry detection functionalities with efficient chromatographic separation and caters for analysts who demand a robust, accurate and fast system for quantifying and identifying compounds.

The mass detection system, a component of the reliable and high performance Flexar LC range of PerkinElmer, offers a sturdy resource design and broad range of molecular weight detection for UHPLC and HPLC applications. The Flexar SQ 300 MS platform is ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and facilitates reliable and efficient ionization of compounds in negative and positive modes to efficiently analyze a wide range of analytes.

A multi-stage ion path that is patented permits multi-residue analysis along with increased detection sensitivity limits. In addition, fragmentation for further confirming the molecular structure is possible by the enhanced Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) technology.

Flexar SQ 300 helps users to switch between the Field-free APCI and Ultraspray ESI sources along with speedy probes interchangeability easily. Such probes can be user, sample type or application-specific and helps to minimize instrument downtime and cross-contamination risk. It is possible to optimize the probe position easily for different chemical environments and flows for maintaining exceptional ionization performance.

Flexar SQ 300 caters for multiple applications and its exceptional three-tier platform varies from UHPLC to analytical. It features a broad range of detectors, auto samplers and pumps that can be configured by users and integrated in the system. The Chromera CDS software platform of PerkinElmer drives the detection system of the Flexar SQ 300 MS. This software offers extraordinary functionality and enables streamlining of the workflow to ensure efficient data acquisition and sample analysis.

The Flexar SQ 300 MS highlights the commitment of PerkinElmer in the development of detection functionalities for environmental health applications for safe-guarding consumers ultimately.

PerkinElmer Analytical Sciences and Laboratory Services’ President Dusty Tenney informed that based on the mass spectrometry expertise of PerkinElmer, this Flexar system offers an innovative technique for enhancing sensitivity and increasing productivity. He added that by leveraging the molecular weight determination power to chromatographers it has been possible to empower a new sample understanding level through best-in-class sensitivity, confirmatory analysis and speed.


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