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Report on Printed Films in Sensors, Electronics and Photonics

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Woodhead Publishing Ltd's new book "Printed films: Materials science and applications in sensors, electronics and photonics" to their offering.

"Printed Films" provides comprehensive coverage of the most significant recent developments in printed films and their applications. Materials and properties of printed films are the focus of part one. Printed films as electrical components and silicon metallization for solar cells are discussed, as are conduction mechanisms in printed film resistors, and thick films in packaging and microelectronics. Part two goes on to review the varied applications of printed films in devices. Printed resistive sensors are considered, as is the role of printed films in capacitive, piezoelectric and pyroelectric sensors, mechanical micro-systems and gas sensors. The applications of printed films in biosensors, actuators, heater elements, varistors and polymer solar cells are then explored, followed by a review of screen printing for the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells, and laser printed micro- and meso-scale power generating devices.

Key Topics Covered:

Part 1 Materials and properties of printed films: Technologies for printed films

  • Materials for printed films
  • Materials science concepts for printed films
  • Properties of printed films as electrical components on ceramic substrates
  • Conduction mechanisms in printed thick film resistors
  • Multilayer low-temperature cofired ceramic systems incorporating a thick-film printing process.

Part 2 Applications of printed films in devices: Printed resistive sensors for physical quantities

  • Printed thick film capacitive sensors
  • Printed thick film piezoelectric and pyroelectric sensors
  • Printed thick film mechanical micro-systems (MEMS)
  • Printed semiconducting gas sensors
  • Printed gas sensors based on electrolytes
  • Printed thick film biosensors
  • Printed actuators
  • Printed heater elements
  • Screen printing for the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Printed varistors
  • Laser printed micro- and meso-scale power generating devices
  • Printed polymer solar cells.


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